Hydraulic hose fittings adapters and industrial, pressure gauges and valves, brass fittings, pipe fittings Turner Industrial Abrasives - Turner Industrial Supply, Inc.

Turner Industrial Abrasives - Turner Industrial Supply, Inc.

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Turner Industrial Abrasives

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Turner Industrial Supply offers quality Abrasives from the following Manufacturers

United Abrasives
Sait Cutting Wheel, Grinding Wheels, Coated Abrasives, Wire Brushes, Cotton Fiber, Non-Woven Abrasives, Vitrified, Carbide Burs, Mounted Points, Diamond, Accessories, Metal Cutting Carbide Blades
Global Abrasives, Future Abrasives
Coated Abrasives-Endless Belts , Abrasive Rolls , Abrasive Fiber Discs , Abrasive Velcro Discs and Abrasive PSA Discs , Non Woven Abrasives , Polishing Felts.
Bonded Abrasives - Cut off Wheels, Depressed Center Discs, Crankshaft Wheels, Centerless Wheels, Regulating Wheels, Cylindrical wheels, Carbide Grinding Wheels, Snagging Wheels, Offhand Wheels Portable, Offhand Wheels Bench Pedestal, Sharpening Stones, Mounted points, Tile Polishing blocks Rubbing Bricks
Has specialized in the manufacturing of wire brushes since 1924. JAZ brushes are well known through their international presence in more than 55 countries. JAZ is a recognized leader in the European marketplace. Operating in North America through our subsidiary company in the USA, we are proud to present our complete range of steel wire brushes.
If grinding, cutting, polishing, sanding, brushing, drill machining or any need - Turner Industrial Supply have the abrasives for your metal or plastic work. Hydraulic hose and fittings is not our only specialty. Our Cutting wheels and grinding wheels are made by the best abrasive manufacturer’s in the world.

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