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Pressure Washer

Published by Sarah Mullins in Products · 15/6/2016 21:20:23

You may possibly own a pressure washer or are considering purchasing one, in case you are wondering with the help of a pressure washer you can clean the outside of your home, cars, decks, boats, tractors, motorcycles, lawn equipment, patio furniture, farm and power equipment.  Also your pressure washer can be used to knock down spider webs and wasp nests. I have included a few other ways that you can get good use out of your pressure washer.
It’s time of the year to bring out the grill…Whether you are having a summer barbeque with friends or just a barbeque with the family; you want your grill to be clean.  It is wise idea to give your grill a good cleaning at least once per grilling season.  Make sure to disconnect the propane tank and any other electrical hook-ups before you begin to clean.  
Pool prep for the summer…
When the day comes to clean and maintain your swimming pool whether it is an above-ground or in-ground pool, you can always use a pressure washer to help with the job at hand. After you have drained all of the water, you could use a pressure washer to clean off the residue build up around the water line, any calcium or lime-scale residue and all other grime you may see. Don’t forget to clean the drains and filters.  Most pools can be cleaned with a 25 degree nozzle to accomplish the task at hand, but don’t forget you can always upgrade to a stronger or weaker nozzle if needed.
Cleaning up your sidewalks, driveways and parking lots…
Many driveways, sidewalks and parking lots begin to lose the eye appeal.  You can use your pressure washer to clean many types of surfaces- garage floors, loading docks, foundations, pool decks, and even other cement surfaces.  When cleaning cement usually requires a forcible stream, so I would possibly start with a 15 degree nozzle and upgrade to a 0 degree for those hard stubborn stains.  Always keep in the mind the stronger nozzles can possible damage areas if they are not used properly.  Always test an inconspicuous spot before even beginning to clean the concrete platform.  
Washing windows and cleaning under the eaves…When you are trying to reach and clean those 2 nd and 3 rd story windows could end up being quite the hassle to clean.  If you want to avoid the wobbling tall ladder, you can use your pressure washer with some detergent to clean the outsides of the higher up windows.  Make sure to use the detergent nozzle for washing with soap first, then switch to the lighter pressure 40 degree nozzle to rinse. While you are at you might as well clean under the eaves, too!
Clean up your fence…
Good looking fences are certainly more attractive than one that has build up and mildew on it.  You can use your pressure washer to keep the borders of your property eye appealing.  Always keep in mind that the material of your fence matters when using a pressure washer.  If you are cleaning a wooden fence you may use a 40 degree or even higher nozzle to avoid damaging the fence.  If the fence you are cleaning is plastic or metal it is possible to go with a 25 degree nozzle.  Please make sure to always test an inconspicuous spot before ever beginning to clean the entire fence
Scrape paint that has begun to peel or wanting to repaint a surface…
Do you see that the paint is peeling and really do not have the time to scrape paint.  Pressure washers can and will assist in making it timely possible to complete this job.  Always make sure to choose the best nozzle for the job based on the surface material.  Metal or hard surface use a 15 degree nozzle.  If it is wood you may want to use a 25 degree nozzle.  If you ever doubt what degree nozzle to use always start with a higher-degree nozzle for a softer spray, you can always switch to a lower-degree nozzle if needed.

Sarah Mullin

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