Hydraulic hose fittings adapters and industrial, pressure gauges and valves, brass fittings, pipe fittings Turner Industrial Fastner - Turner Industrial Supply, Inc.

Turner Industrial Fastner - Turner Industrial Supply, Inc.

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Turner Industrial Fastner

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Fasten all your needs with fasteners from Turner industrial

Sheet metal screws
Hex bolt
Flange bolts
Machine screws
Carriage bolt
Lag bolts
Socket products
Set screws
Eye bolts
J-Bolts w/ nuts
Hanger bolts
Shoulder bolts
Elevator bolts
Blind rivets
Chrome bolt covers & Hole plugs
Cotter pins
Fastener assortments in U.S. Sizes.

Metric Fasteners
Metric hex bolts
Flange bolts
Metric flange bolts
Metric machine screws
Carriage bolt
Metric carriage bolts
Metric socket product
Metric set screws
Metric nuts
Metric washers
Metric eye bolts
Metric spacers
Metric shoulder bolts
Metric chrome bolt covers & Hole plugs
Metric assortments
Fastener assortments in metric sizes.

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